A Word From Our Principal…

My name is Todd Buczynski, the principal at East Hardin. I am very proud of our school and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our webpage. As you will see from the comments made by the students, parents and teachers, our mission of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) is evident and is something that we strive to achieve each and every day. I would like to thank our assistant principal, Mrs. Cara McAdams, each of our highly qualified teachers and our top-notch staff for the dedication and hard work shown on a daily basis. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your children. Together, we do believe that we can make a difference.

-“Mr. B.”

4 Schools Making a Difference Together

East Hardin Elementary was established in 2011 as a new school plant which combined four existing schools in Hardin County: Walker Elementary, Nixon Elementary, White’s Elementary, and Walnut Grove Elementary.  While combining the existing schools meant a major upgrade for our students and teachers, it also challenged our faculty and staff to lay down old traditions and habits and work together to create a unique family culture that everyone desired after the transition.  Since that time, East Hardin has become one of the most family-oriented and community-driven schools in Hardin County.  We believe good leadership lessons are best taught by actions, and we are particularly proud of how the consolidation of four staffs have made us better examples for our students.

A Reflection of East Hardin







Safe and Rewarding, Positive Culture for Students

At East Hardin, we take pride in rewarding our students for achievement and good behavior as we continue to nurture a positive culture.  We believe it is important that students are rewarded for helping us cultivate an environment that makes students want to be more responsible individually and corporately.  Each 9 weeks at East Hardin, we reward our students with various activities including field trips to our local movie theater (and we load them up with popcorn and drinks when we go), trips to our local bowling center, trips to our recently built Tennessee Street Park, and sometimes we have party jumpers for our students.  We believe these actions encourage and promote a positive community culture within our schools that bring fruition to academic and social success for the children who attend our school.

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