Music & Art


In our music classroom, students can explore and experience music in different ways, as we sing, dance, and play instruments.  Students learn about various genres and styles of music, while also having hands-on experience with instruments.  Our classroom is filled with a variety of rhythm instruments, and because of Ms. Melody’s background with stringed instruments, students also have opportunities to hear and experience many stringed instruments firsthand. In music class, we not only play the instruments, but we also sing and dance quite frequently, and showcase our singing and dancing during programs throughout the year, including our Veterans Day and Christmas programs.  Throughout our classes, students also learn about music history and music theory, and are able to read and write musical notation, which we practice by clapping and playing rhythm instruments.  Ms. Melody also strives to make cross-curricular connections to show how music can be linked to all other subject areas.  It is our goal for students to develop a life-long enjoyment of, and appreciation for, music. 


Our art room is a fun, creative place where students develop their art skills, as well as expressing their creativity in works of art throughout the year.  Students have access to a variety of tools, including paint, markers, pastels, and clay, and use these tools to create projects based on different styles and techniques studied in class.  These various techniques and tools help to build students’ fine motor skills, as well as their confidence and creativity.  In art class, students also learn about famous artists, different styles of art, and art vocabulary.  While Ms. Melody guides most projects in class, she also loves to see the students’ creativity shine through on independent art activities, and feels that it is important for kids to have this creative outlet available to them. 

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