4th Grade

In fourth grade at East Hardin Elementary, we strive to help our students take the foundational skills that they have learned in previous grades and apply them to new concepts. We not only push our students to have academic success, but we also push our students to grow and reach personal goals they have for themselves. 

Fourth Grade Fundamentals

We will challenge our fourth graders by holding them to a high standard in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our teachers create a standard of excellence in a positive atmosphere that is conclusive to learning for all students at all levels of achievement. Students work individually, in small groups, as well as whole-classroom activities.

Learning is Fun

Fourth graders at East Hardin enjoy learning with science labs, hands-on math, and book studies. Students also get to enjoy a day of learning at Horse Creek Wildlife. Students have the opportunity to try out for the girls and boys bowling teams and participate in the 4-H program throughout the school year.

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