At East Hardin, we believe the Pre-K experience is crucial.  In Pre-K, children develop academic and life skills that will build a foundation they will use, not only through their remainder of school, but into adulthood.  We provide students with social-emotional, academic, and problem-solving activities within a fun and exciting environment.  We desire to get their attention and focus on their education early so that they may continue to be engaged throughout the next several years of school and the beginning of their foundational learning experience.

Fun and Learning

In our Pre-K classrooms, the students engage in many activities. Each day the children participate in hands-on activities and often work together in a variety of learning centers we have in our classrooms. Students also work in small groups with teachers and the classroom aides for learning experiences.  Pre-K is a fun and exciting year in which our students will experience many new opportunities for the first time. Each week and month, we send home activities for students to complete at home with their families. We believe partnering with parents is an important element that encourages growth in our students.

Learning in Pre-K

We utilize the Big Day for Pre-K curriculum which includes Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Emotional Skills.  Our students also participate in the Kindermusik Program and the Second Step Safety Curriculum. Pre-K focuses not only on academics, but also the nurturing and development of the whole child. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare each child individually for success by providing them with a foundation that will give them a boost for Kindergarten.

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