Laying the Foundation

Our Kindergarten students at East Hardin experience many hands-on and fun-filled activities throughout the school year. Beyond academics, they will develop friendships that may last for many years even through graduation of high school. At this age, they also develop more independence as we nurture their self-confidence. Overall, Kindergarten is a wonderful experience and one that is critically important as we officially establish the necessary foundation for their success in school.

Molding Young Minds

The minds of our young students will be challenged early as we prepare them for growth and critical thinking. Students will learn phonemic awareness and phonics skills. They will also learn number concepts and basic math operations. By the end of the school year, our desire is for students to be fluent in fundamental Reading and Math skills.

Everyday Fun

At East Hardin, we make every effort to develop a love for learning in our students by keeping every day fun, challenging, and rewarding. By proactively creating a drive for growth in our students, we are preparing them to be engaged as they continue their academic, social, and emotional development both in school and in our community.

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