Fifth grade at East Hardin is a positive experience that students look forward to throughout their elementary career. As the leaders of the school, our students have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and experience from previous years. They will also gain new skills and experience new milestones as we prepare and equip them for their Middle School years.

Hands-on at East Hardin

We love being hands-on at East Hardin, so students in 5th grade will enjoy hands-on labs in Science class. We also break up into small groups for reading and math challenges as we continue developing the skills necessary to succeed academically moving forward. Social Studies is also lead with open discussions and debates as our students assert their opinion corporately.

5th grade students enjoy participating in school related activities such as a field trip to Shiloh National Park and compete in 4-H competitions. Our students also participate in D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance and Education).

student preparing his books