In third grade at East Hardin, students will be introduced to transitioning to different classrooms for respective subjects as opposed to having one self-contained class with one teacher each day. Students will make great progress academically and socially as we continue introducing new material while constantly building upon the foundation that has been set in previous grade years.

students during exam

Expectations of Third Graders at East Hardin Elementary

Third grade is considered a true transition year, and not just because students are switching to different classrooms. Students will be working more independently as we develop more responsibility. Students will have approximately three teachers and subjects will be broken down into Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies. Students will learn to be more responsible for the results of their performance as we encourage more studying and preparation habits.

Our third graders will experience many memorable days at East Hardin. Our favorite is Farm Day. At the end of the year the students can also look forward to Fun-Filled Fitness Days and our school district Olympics. At the end of each 9 weeks, our students are also rewarded for good behavior with special activities.

students having an exam in the classroom