In second grade at East Hardin, students will continue to experience plenty of hands-on learning through interaction with small and whole groups. Individually, students are rewarded for good behavior on a weekly basis (Fun Friday). We strongly encourage and strive to create a love for reading in our students, and they love our county-wide Accelerated Reader (AR) which awards points based on tests they take after reading a qualified book from our library. We also use academics to develop more social development in our students by having them work as a team and learn to become more responsible and considerate of others in the school. Our second grade teachers work one-on-one with students who need extra assistance to meet their goals. Students are also given daily pats-on-the-back, praise for work well-done or good behavior, and we also provide small prizes for winning classroom games or just for being good citizens.

student reading a book in the classroom

Enhanced Learning & Achievement

We present materials in many various ways to enhance student learning, achievement, and maximized potential. Each student will enjoy using technology, hands-on manipulatives, educational games and various other learning styles. We utilize the Studies Weekly program for our Science and Social Studies, which are very popular magazines for our students. We strive to work with each student individually to increase their success while accelerating their growth. We have incorporated the RTI2 program, which means students are placed in small groups at particular times of the day and worked with intensely to help meet Reading and Math goals. We have witnessed tremendous success in our students since implementing this program.

Reward Program

Students are rewarded every nine weeks with a school-wide reward, and it’s not just a sucker or ice cream sandwich at East Hardin. We reward students by taking them on field trips to the local theater, bowling center, Tennessee Street Park, and even set up Party Jumpers from time to time! To encourage student achievement, we partner with our parents by sending home weekly newsletters and homework charts. We also send home weekly graded papers so that parents are aware of their child’s performance. We strongly encourage and welcome parent participation. We have several major events throughout the year to keep our students, parents, and community engaged in the development of our youth.

student during an exam